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LG CNS operates and manages its customers′ systems by leveraging its expert infrastructure staff in servers‚ networks‚ DB‚ WAS‚ and security‚ operating processes based in ITSM systems‚ and integrated operations and management tools‚ for a 99.999% capacity utilization.
LG CNS has secured high operational competitiveness by standardizing systems and operating environments through systematic plans and automation. LG CNS has proven its global No. 1 infrastructure operations capabilities by acquiring the 2009 National ProductivityAward and Level 5 certification from Forester Research

Integrated operations management


LG CNS provides a secure base for stable services for each infrastructure area through integrated operations management based on its accumulated expertise in global standard operations while simultaneously pursuing continuous improvement of services

Managed Service Process

Managed Service Process img

Integrated operations management
  • ITIL base standard process and operations and management
  • Standardization‚ automation‚ and virtualization improve base quality and productivity

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Service Desk
  • The service desk at a firm has an important role for ITSM as one of its functions is to support IT operations. By providing a single access point between users and IT services, LGCNS⁄s service desk provides the tools to rapidly restore service when a problem occurs as well as a necessary tool for communicating between the individual processes of ITSM. The Service Desk is located at LG CNS Seoul Core Center (Sangam Center) and provides a single point of contact (SPOC) for all domestic and overseas customers 24 hours a day‚ 365 days a year
  • To respond to customer needs as IT technology develops and operating environments grow more complex, LGCNS has developed an operations automation solution based on its extensive know how in infrastructure operations. By deploying this solution in the field‚ LG CNS can optimize efficiency and reduce effort in operation of data center infrastructure resources.

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