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LG CNS provides Data Center colocation and redundant network line services with the most advanced computing facilities, abundant power‚ and thorough security and disaster response facilities to ensure uninterrupted IT services for customers‘ business and to safely protect customers’ critical data assets.

Colocation Services


  • High intensity power supply
  • High power usage with economical power costs
Network connecting
  • The Core (Sangam), Hub (Gasan), and Incheon Centers constitute a mutual DWDM ring
  • The three centers are redundant through an optical cable witht he three major Internet service providers (LG U+, KT, andS KB)
  • Each optical cable line is used to constitute an Internet or application line in accordance with customer needs
Provision of a monitoring environment (optional)
  • SMS or NMS can be supplied (for the equipment in question)
  • Such services are run by the customer

Data center colocation facilities information



Power img

  • complete dual power supply system from power stations to racks
    • separate dual power supply
    • on-site power generators in case of power emergency
    • UPS backup configuration to keep all computers up and running all the time
    • dual power distribution panel and dual rack power supply system

Network img

  • Complete redundancy of multiple carrier's network lines
  • Network Neutrality

Cooling img

  • operational security from the isolation of perimeter and inner computer room with backup facility
    • separation of the areas for facilities and computer rooms for cooling
    • whole facility backup configuration to avoid glitch from failure
Access Control & Physical Security

Access Control & Physical Security img

  • Multi-level access control to provide safe and smooth service
    • multi-level access control system in place
    • biometric access system to prevent unauthorized enter
    • 7 * 24 on-site security guards
    • around the clock monitoring in control tower
Busan Global Data Center

Busan Global Cloud Data Center img

  • Physical separation between the computer room and the isothermal-humidity room
  • High ceilings in the computer room (5.1m)
  • Interior layout structured for optimum air circulation
  • Flexible layoutt hat can be tailored to customers’needs
  • Different security areas can be established for each section
  • Abundant space for traffic flow and maintenance and repair
Sangam IT Data Center

Sangam IT Data Cener img

  • High ceilings in the computer room ensure that installation of large machines is easy, while providing easy air circulation for an optimum operating environment
  • Redundant panel board for supply of redundant power within the computer room
  • Perimeter for separation with the external wall of the building
  • Separate visitor and cargo elevators for secure entry/exit
  • Interlocking door for secure entry/exit
  • Intelligent building system (IBS) for automation of computer room facilities
Gasan Data Center

Gasan Data Center img

  • Proper computer room is easy to install large equipment room with a rise
  • To facilitate air circulation, offering the best computing environment
  • CCTV with adequate security by a rise easy to identify
  • Redundancy in the final distribution ITS
  • For separating moisture and thermo–facade installation outside
  • Security for the passenger ⁄ freight elevator separation
  • ITS equipment for the automation of intelligent building system (IBS) to build
Incheon Data Center

Incheon Data Center img

  • Dedicated to bringing in or removal of computer safe installation of the docks
  • Access Floor computer Engineering at the loading dock floor and a flat structure to
  • ensure stability when moving computer
  • Considering only the interlayer computer moving elevators
  • Laser sensors for intrusion detection installation and dual monitor facades
  • I install CCTV cameras in the building area and guardroom operating
  • Building intrusion from the outside vents closed all the facilities available
  • Engineering Areas install CCTV cameras and surveillance (Comm. & Ctrl Center)
  • RF key card and iris recognition system with dual access control system installation