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The LG CNS Sangam IT Data Center in Seoul’s Digital Media City is global foremost IT integration center and maintains a complete base infrastructure for customers based on accessibility and stability.
The Center uses structural security and a state of the art integrated security environment, including biometric recognition systems, to ensure optimal stability. The Center is also designed with specifications equivalent to nuclear power generators resistant to earthquakes of up to 8.0 on the Richter scale for maximum safety and disaster preparedness.

Building outline
  • Construction completed : 2006
  • Scale : 4 underground floors, 12 above ground floors
  • Site area : 4,734㎡ (4,132 pyeong)
  • Floor area : 43,808㎡ (13,252 pyeong)
  • Machine Room area : 13,693㎡ (4,142 pyeong)
  • Earthquake resistance : 8.0
    (equivalent to requirements for a nuclear power generator)
  • Computer rooms and isothermal–humidity rooms are spatially separated
  • Exclusive main/reserve power supply
  • Coolant supply from Korea District Heating Corporation and backup conduits

locations img



Earthquake facilities
  • Equivalent to nuclear power generator standards
  • Resistant to seismic acceleration of a maximum of 0.2g : Richter scale 8.0
Flooding (tsunamis‚ floods)
  • Located in a safe zone with no risk inducing facilities nearby
  • Flood safe location (7m above sea level)



Solar power supplies

Solar power supplies img

  • Direct connection to power plant and large–scale power supply (exclusive line)
  • Physical separation of incoming lines and pipes
  • Redundant ALTS and MOF high voltage lines
  • Backup high voltage transformers installed
  • Redundant high voltage mother lines
  • Redundant low voltage systems
UPS and emergency power generation

Emergency power generator, UPS room img

  • Redundant UPS source and physically redundant lines
  • Emergency power generator



As the first facility to obtain the energy source for cooling from a large-scale plant facility from Korea District Heating Corporation, the Core Center has access to plentiful supplies of cooling‚ while maintaining redundant cooling facilities and pipes as backup to ensure consistent maintenance of temperature and humidity in the computer rooms.

Cooling system

Cooling system img

  • Redundant cooling source
    • Main supply : Cold water from Korea District Heating Corporation
    • Backup : Emergency distributed cooling source
    • Redundant heat transferer and coolant circulation pump
    • Redundant coolant supply pipes
Isothermal-humidity systems

Isothermal-humidity systems img

  • Isothermal–humidity Facilities
    • Method : Cold water
    • Air supply : substructure fan
    • Return : ceiling ducts
    • Humidification : Electric Electrode type
    • Backup isothermal-humidity machines installed
  • Mixed use of outdoor air + air conditioning Some of the thermo-hygrostats installed in the computer rooms are designed to admit outside air during winter‚ reducing power consumption for cooling and realizing a green data center.
    • Outdoor air cooling in fall and winter
    • Operation connected to the thermostat
    • Coolant effect for the computer room
    • Automatic adjustment of air supply‚ air mixture, and supply/exhaust
    • Pollution monitoring sensors for cutoff of outdoor air supplies when pollution is detected



  • Location management using RFID for everything from parking to distribution of machines in the machine room
  • Security areas established for each section
Building security systems

Speed Gate‚ Road Block img

  • Bulletproof film on all first floor outside windows
  • Glass damage sensors
  • Fire detection systems (state of the art CCTV)
  • Bollards (posts) installed to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry
Entry/exit control system

Security staff and integrated security office‚ RF card vehicle control system img

  • Lobby entry/exit control
    • Constant security staff presence and speed gate
    • Lockers to store valuables
  • Entry⁄exit control for the computer room : Interlocking Door (primary biometric recognitionsystem‚ secondary weight sensor)
  • Integrated security office operations (24 hour monitoring)
Vehicle control system

Lockers‚ Interlocking Door

  • Control of incoming cars through security staff
  • Entry/exit control through RF Tags
  • Roadblocks (control of cars entering throughthe exits)
  • Operation of elevators exclusively for vehicle drivers