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The Busan Global Data Center is Korea's largest data center, and maintains a complete infrastructure based on its geographic location in Busan, Asia’s hub port city. With its location safe from flood risks (including tsunamis and floods), and with earthquake resistance up to 8.0 on the Richter scale, the Busan Global Center keeps your data safe and protected from natural disasters.

Building outline
  • Construction to be completed :
    December 2012 (1st stage)
  • Scale : 5 floors
  • Site area : 12‚446㎡ (3,765 pyeong)
  • Floor area : 32,322㎡ (9,777 pyeong)
  • Machine Room area :15,533㎡ (4,699 pyeong)
  • Cloud center that can secure agility
  • Environmentally friendly greenIT data center
    • Reduced power costs through use of solar energy
    • Reduction of power losses through use of power saving systems
  • Complete disaster readiness : Earthquakes‚ vibration‚ floods
  • Facilities that meet international

locations img

Data Center Advantages


Data center cost competitiveness
  • Superior cost competitiveness against other countries for customers with high power consumption needs through lower power costs
  • As a project supported by the local government, the Busan Center is eligible for tax benefits if the data center project is expanded
Superior quality
  • Provision of 100% usability through stable data center facilities and operations
  • Highest quality power supply among the OECD countries
  • Superior operational quality
  • Superior human resources at competitive prices
Busan, Northeast Asia′s hub port city
  • The center of Korea′s landing station
  • High quality and economical international communications networks
  • Safe from natural disasters
  • Network lines safely away from earthquake fault lines
  • Strong commercial infrastructure

Location of the Busan Global Cloud Center
  • Mieum area in the Busan Free Economic Zone
  • Beachhead for a data center in the Asia–Pacific area
  • Located in a basin surrounded by mountains
  • Access to the Gimhae Airport‚ Busan New Port‚ and highways



Earthquake and vibration proofing facilities


Earthquake and vibration proofing facilities img

  • building to apply the full isolation facilities based on computerized equipment and facilities ensure continuity of service and proof 8.0
  • Engineering technology : A buffer space (1m) is provided between the ground and the building to stop transference of seismic energy from quakes
Floods (tsunamis, floods)


Floods (tsunamis, floods) img

  • Located in an area safe from natural disasters
    (floods, tsunamis‚ etc.)
  • Built at 5.06m in altitude, well above the highest water levels (1.41m) recorded for the region



Solar power supplies

Solar power supplies img

  • Solar energy is used as a general power source
  • The roofs of both computing and office buildings are fitted with solar panels (50%)
  • Total installed area : 2,300㎡
  • Production : 150kw/h(600 cells)
  • Applications : heating‚ lighting etc.
UPS and emergency power generation

Floods img

  • UPS and emergency power generation
    • Redundant UPS power source and physically redundant power lines
    • Emergency power generator



Hybrid-Cooling System
  • Under normal conditions : Winter (outside air) + summer (spray coolant)
    • Back–up : Water cooling system
    • ※ Evaporative spray cooling uses industrial use grade water
    • Cold and hot zones are designated to optimize air flow in the computer rooms

hybridCoolingSystem img